Facing the challenges of managing architecture firms

After rich discussions with our architecture clients, whether they are partners, architects, project managers, or operations managers, the following needs have emerged as the most common and the most important:
  • Generate realistic and accurate quotes to ensure the profitability of the firm
  • Efficiently manage your human resources
  • Bring projects from signature to delivery while satisfying customer requests

More accurate estimates for more realistic, competitive, and profitable quotes for the firm

The first step for efficiently managing architecture firms is to select the right projects.

Too often, an architecture firm can commit to a project without having correctly estimated the human resources cost associated to it.

Beeye's project creation process makes it easy to verify from the start of the project, that it meets the required profitability criteria, for any type of project (hourly billing, flat rate, percentage).

You can also use your past projects as a benchmark when developing your quotes.

Accessing our project history allows us to improve our quotes by looking at a benchmark. We can easily know how many hours a given project will take and which resources will be needed.

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julia lianis

Architect, Senior Project Manager, Innovation Director

Master the most important resource 

For services business in general, and specifically in the field of architecture, human resources are by far the most costly resource.

Which is why it's crucial to manage them closely to ensure the profitability of the firm.

With Beeye, you get an instant overview of your employees availability, skills and hourly rate to help you decide who you need to ensure the success of your projects.

You can easily anticipate your recruitment needs by clearly measuring and displaying in a clear manner your teams' capacity, their availability, as well as the peaks and troughs of demand.

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Effectively manage your firm to deliver projects that satisfy your customers’ requests

Satisfy your business partners

Ensuring satisfaction is therefore essential, and to do this, Beeye has everything at your disposal to efficiently monitor your projects.

You will gain more visibility on project progress and deadlines, easily communicate between teams, track in real-time billable and non-billable hours and, take into account the skills and availability of your employee when creating teams. 

Analyse your results to improve your performance

Unlike traditional project management applications, Beeye offers a business intelligence component that will guide you in your strategy.

By analysing the data of your projects, you will be able to reliably predict which customers, which types of projects, or which industries are the most profitable for your firm.

With this key information, you won’t have to make any important decisions just based on instinct.

Devote yourself to your core business 

The vocation of architects is not to spend their time doing management and administration.

Beeye's mission is to allow you to focus entirely on your business: the creation and realization of architectural projects.

With a tool that's easy to use and that reduces unnecessary administrative time, you'll benefit twice from Beeye.

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