SAP is enterprise resource planning software used by large enterprises.

The following summary table will help you quickly grasp the differences and commonalities between Beeye and SAP.

  SAP Beeye

Integrate information coming from all business functions.

Get a high-level view on all projects and activities.

Strengths Popular. Easy to use and flexible.

Very high costs for licenses and deployment.

Complex to use.

Little flexibility.

Not designed to handle billing (but can use integrations).

Ease of use

Complex software that requires expensive training.

Easy to use, users are ready to go after a few minutes.


Both solutions can be used as complements to get a view over all activities and functions of the business while taking advantage of a tool that is simple and easy to use.

Are you thinking about implementing SAP in your company?

Here are some data points you might want to consider before making a decision.

  • The very high cost of the licenses, which doesn't include the additional costs for deployment and maintenance. It is no secret that deploying SAP costs a lot money, while more modern and affordable solutions exist. Not to mention the cost of updates, which sometimes exceed the initial license costs.
  • The long deployment time required. Are you ready to get started on a deployment that will take place over years, when there are solutions that would be much quicker? Can you afford the missed opportunity of enjoying an efficient management system?
  • The failure rate of SAP implementations. According to Gartner, around 75% of ERP implementation projets fail. You can tell Avon about it — they stopped their SAP implementation after spending 125 million dollars on it. Same for jeweler Shane Co. who went bankrupt in part because of difficulties caused by SAP. Hershey lost 8% in market capitalization and 19% in quarterly profits because of problems implementing SAP. The state of California stopped their attempt at implementing SAP after spending 25 million dollars. We could go on and on — look it up on Google for some more horror stories!
  • The lack of innovation by SAP, whose latest significant addition dates back to the previous century. SAP is based on outdated technology, and it isn't easy to improve on it. But it is necessary to work with tools that are the most in line with current best practices and that keep evolving.

Are You Already Using SAP?

Take a moment to look at the questions below to make sure SAP really answers all your needs.

Do you have the information you need to manage your projects?

SAP is meant to cover each and every process of a company, but many companies are still missing a module to manage their projects, or they're not satisfied with the one they have.

Do you know who is available and who has the right skills to work on a project?

Creating and planning your projects, and allocating employees based on key information such as availability and skills — a fundamental need for managers that is poorly answered by SAP.

Can you quickly get the reports you need?

You need a simple tool that gives you all the information you need at a glance. SAP is often criticized for its complexity, which makes such a task harder than it has to be.

How do you manage all of your efforts & your workload?

If you teams are working on many projects, you must pay attention to everybody's workload as well as to the capacity of your team as a whole if you want to ensure you can deliver on time and on budget.

Are you taking administrative and operational activities into account when managing efforts?

Can you easily find out what time your team spends on maintenance, support, meetings, or activities such as training and holidays?

Can you easily compare planned and actual effort on your projects?

To improve your planning process and your next estimates, you must be able to compare planned and actual effort.

To summarize, SAP is a renowned ERP solution, but its complexity leads to significant weaknesses.

Beeye offers a solution to project and resource management challenges outlined above — it is also affordable and much faster to implement.