Three crucial issues faced by consulting firms

After rich discussions with our clients and partners, whether they are associates or consultants, the following needs have emerged as the most common and the most important.

  • Optimise the utilization rate of your consultants through improved capacity management
  • Maximise your profitability by assigning billable resources to the right projects 
  • Analyse your performance by consultant, client or type of mandate to guide your firm's strategy 

Optimise the utilization rate of your consultants through improved capacity planning 

Managing the utilization rate of your consultants is a critical success factor. How to stay focused on value-added activities?

First of all, by using a simple and intuitive tool, you will  reduce the amount of time spent of administrative tasks such as entering timesheets or expenses. 

With its capacity management component, Beeye will keep you better informed on your most valuable resource: your teams and how they manage their time. 

With Beeye, you get an instant overview of your consultants’ availability, skills and hourly rate to help you decide who you need to increase the success of your projects. 

You can easily reduce downtime in between projects and anticipate your hiring needs by clearly measuring and displaying your teams’ capacity, their availability, as well as the demand peaks and troughs. 

Maximise profitability by assigning billable resources to the right projects

The first step for efficiently managing a consulting firm is to hold information that will allow you to prioritise the most important mandates in order to maximise your profitability. 

Too often, a consulting firm can commit to a project without having correctly estimated the human resources cost associated to it. 

Beeye's project creation process makes it easier to verify from the start of the project, that it meets the required availability and profitability criteria for all types of projects.

Scenarios may be composed on the fly to build a team that will deliver the best results. 

Finally, with a real-time visibility on your team's workload you will be able to align your planning to ensure that all your consultants are working on revenue generating activities. 

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Analyze your performance by consultant, client or type of project to guide your firm's strategy

Analyse your results to improve your performance 

To ensure the success of your consulting firm, you must accurately analyse the key performance factors. 

Beeye has everything at your disposal to help you make more informed decisions: customisable reports and dashboards for all your business intelligence needs, visibility into project progress and deadlines or possibility to segment information by consultant, client or type of project to conduct an accurate analysis. 

Beeye becomes your tool of reference by offering you all the necessary and up-to-date information to improve your decision making process. 


Take a step back to enrich your strategic discussions

Unlike traditional project management applications, Beeye offers a business intelligence component that will guide your strategy.

By analysing the data of your projects, you will be able to reliably predict which clients, projects or sectors are the most profitable for your firm.

This will allow you to deduce the most valuable growth opportunities. Beeye provides you with the necessary reports to run your practice, with key indicators on the comparison of actual vs. planned time and the time cycle of your projects.

With this key information, you will no longer make decisions based only on instinct. 


Concentrate on your core activities

The goal of consultants is not to spend their time on management and administrative activities.

Beeye’s mission is to enable you to focus entirely on your business: Consulting.

With an accessible and easy-to-use tool that reduces unnecessary administrative time, you'll benefit highly from Beeye.


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