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Planning with Excel is like cutting trees with a Swiss knife


Medium size companies using Excel files for planning and budgeting.


Excel files used as a basis for decisions that have consequences inside and outside the company.


Excel files that contain errors. And that's just for major errors!

Choose Beeye, the planning tool for smart organizations

Allocate your employees smartly

Why settle for the limitations imposed by Excel files?
With Beeye, you can check if your employees are available and quickly estimate the impact of your planning on everybody's workload. You can manage your projects smartly and increase you chances of success.
All of that without the dozens of Excel spreadsheets and without putting 10 employees on the case.
smart planning
flexible planning

Experiment with flexible planning

Do you want to assign allocations in hours? As a percentage of time? 

Over a month, a quarter, or a full year? You're just a click away.

Beeye adapts to the evolution of your company, the new practices you adopt, and the different situations you face  — without starting from scratch every time.

Plan as a team

Ever tried working with your team on a single Excel file? It's a nightmare.
With Beeye, no more version conflict, no more file sharing or synchronization problems.
Everybody can take part in the planning process in the same place. The information is always correct, and your employees can get involved directly to better manage projects and resources: less time wasted for everybody, and better results. What else can you ask for?
collaborative planning

Stop wasting time putting your reports together

How many times have you tried changing an Excel spreadsheet where you "just needed to add a column" and ended up spending hours on it?
With Beeye, you have all the information you need for your reports at the tip of your fingers. You can customize reports with a couple clicks, and you don't need to look on Google to figure out how to do it.
Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, you'll avoid bugs and risks of corrupt files, so you can spend your time on what matters.

Get the information you need in a flash

No need to spend hours building a new report every time.
Your data is always available and up-to-date. And you can customize to fit your needs: team meetings, executive presentations, you name it. It's tailor-made reporting, without the tiresome adjustments.
Get instant data analysis, and accelerate your decision-making process.
capacity management
reliable data

Data you can trust

What's the point of reporting if your data is incorrect?
Excel errors are so common that many companies work without being aware that their data contains mistakes.
With Beeye, there's no risk of changing or formula or making a file unusable inadvertently. You can make decisions with a clear conscience based on sound data.

Are we working on the right things, the ones that will move the needle for the department? This tool will help us separate unnecessary things that can be removed from things that really make a difference for customer service, satisfaction, and costs.

Desjardins AccèsD testimonial

Louis Charest

Director of Operational Efficiency and Process Integration

3 symptoms that it's time to leave Excel

Your Excel file has turned into a monster

You created a file to answer a simple need a long time ago, and now it has become far too complex. Complex Excel files mean a higher risk of error, more difficulty keeping it up-to-date, and more time for maintenance.

All your planning depends on an "Excel specialist"

The employee who created THE Excel file you need for your reporting won't always be there for you. What would happen if that person changed jobs? Nobody knows how to modify the file or add new data in it. It's panic mode.

You're scared of touching your Excel file

Somebody once tried adding a row or a column to the Excel file and "broke it." A real nightmare. To avoid that, no one dares to touch the file anymore. Your planning isn't up-to-date, and your resource management is far from optimal.

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A single application to manage all your operations

Project management

Get a global view of all your ongoing projects to manage your activities more effectively.

Custom dashboards

Every Beeye user can customize their dashboard as they wish to visualize their own and their team's activities.

Time management

Gather the timesheets of your employees to quickly compared planned and actual efforts.

Financial reporting

Consider all your costs and gains to optimize your project's profitability at all time.

Skills management

Improve transfer of knowledge by considering your teams' skills, expertise levels and interests.


Make better estimates using reliable data to get more realistic and profitable invoices.

Human Resources Management

Manage all your departments, teams and employees in just a few clicks to breack down corporate silos.

Smart Allocation

Assign the right people to the good projects by considering their availability, skills and billable rate.


Adapt the tool to your processes and benefit from our customized notification system to get a better tracking of your projects.


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