Can I plan my projects over long periods using Beeye?

Beeye is the ideal tool for you to plan all of your projects, whether they run over short, medium or long periods. You'll be able too plan all of your projects, to assign resources to them, and to track the completion of your deliverables through a simple interface that will give you a global view of all your activities.

Can I manage my projects with Beeye?

Beeye allows you to manage all the essential information about your projects: start date, end date, resources assigned to the project, deliverables, documents. You'll get more visibility over all your projects so that you can better manage and prioritise them.

Can I use Beeye for invoicing?

Beeye will allow you to precisely track where your billable time is spent for each project, while taking into account the billing rates for each resource associated to the project. The billing data can then be exported to your invoicing software before it is sent to your clients or printed.

Can Beeye adapt to the needs of my industry?

Beeye perfectly adapts to the needs of businesses of all kinds, from enterprise to smaller companies. Our clients work in industries as varied as financial services, engineering consulting, architecture and construction, communication and public relations, or pharmaceutics. 

Can I create generic resources?

You can create generic resources that will help you plan your projects before you know exactly who is going to be assigned to them. You'll get more visibility over your need for resources and will be able to hire accordingly.

Can I access Beeye from my smartphone/tablet?

Beeye as a web application. As such, it grants you access to your data from all your connected smartphones and tablets so you can track your projects at all times.



Trying Beeye

How can I try Beeye?

The simplest and most efficient way to learn about the product is to set up a demonstration (around 30 minutes) with one of our specialists. The demonstration will be customized for your business, and you'll rapidly see how Beeye can answer your needs. If you wish to see a demonstration of Beeye with your own data, we can import it for you (after signing a non-disclosure agreement) to give you a more precise idea by looking at data you know perfectly.

How are Beeye demonstrations structured?

Beeye demonstratiopns are organized to show you as quickly as possible how Beeye can help you solve the challenges you face. A Beeye specialist will contact you to organize a meeting (at your offices or remotely depending on your needs) and will show you step by step how Beeye can help you meet your goals.

How long does a Beeye demonstration last?

Beeye demonstrations are designed to answer your questions as quickly as possible. During the first part of the demonstration (15-20 minutes), the Beeye specialist will cover the essential challenges you will have mentioned, before answering your questions if you need additional information (15-20 minutes). A complete demonstration can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the information you need.



Beeye Subscriptions

How can I get a Beeye subscription?

You can get a subscription by contacting Beeye. A specialist will guide you in choosing the number and type of subscription plan that is more suited to your needs. If you wish, you can get customized training in your offices during the implementation phase. The Quick Start offer was created to provide that servce.

Do you offer discounts on subscriptions?

Beeye offers several discounts on the price of subscriptions, depending on the subscription duration and the payment terms (discounts are offered for annual payments and immediate payments).

What payment terms are available?

Beeye subscriptions come with two types of payment terms:

  • Monthly payment (full price)
  • Yearly payment (10% off full price)

In case of a multi-year contract, additional discounts can be added.




Can Beeye integrate with other applications?

Beeye comes with a set of web APIs that allow the application to communicate with other information systems. We are thus able to integrate Beeye with a large number of applications. If you have a special need (integration with an in-house application, for example), a specific connection can be created for you.

Can Beeye communicate with Excel?

Beeye can communicate directly with Excel: if the data you want to import is located in Excel spreadsheets, our team will take care of importing the data into your environment (at the beginning of a Quick Start implementation, for example). Conversly, your Beeye data can be exported as Excel spreadsheets if you want to manipulate it.

Can Beeye be linked to my Office 365 account?

Beeye integrates with Office 365, which allows you to use single sign-on (SSO). If you already have a Microsoft 365 account, you can log into Beeye in one click.

Can Beeye be linked to our payroll system?

Through its API system, Beeye can plug into your internal systems, including your payroll system. If you wish to receive more information about possibilities to integrate with a precise system, do not hesitate to contact us or use the instant messaging in the bottom right corner of your screen.



Implementing Beeye

How long does it take to be productive in Beeye?

Beeye is a particularly easy to use solution, and its basic features get be learned within a few minutes. To ensure in-depth understanding of the solution, however, we offer training as part of our Quick Start offer to help your employees quickly get up to speed with the product, and in particular with the features they will use the most depending on their role.

How are Beeye implementations structured?

If you choose the recommended method outlined for the Beeye Quick Start, the process is split into three phases:

  • Data import (optional) : your data is imported in your Beeye environment and checked by your superuser to ensure it is in compliance with your expectations.
  • Super-user training : the Beeye platform is configured and your super-users can start using the product as planned. Other users will be added subsequently.
  • Final steps : once the Quick Start period is over, the number and type of subscriptions required will be clearly identified to suit the initial need, and the contract can be completed.

Can Beeye be deployed on a local environment?

Beeye can be deployed on a local environment, but in that case, you will not be able to benefit from automatic updates or live online support.




Can Beeye be customized to answer our particular needs?

Thanks to its custom field system, Beeye can adapt to your precise needs (project type, KPIs, jobs, skills, etc.). If substantial integrations are required to adapt to your tools or processes, additional custom development can be provided.

I need to follow precise KPIs to track my projects. How can I do that?

Since every business uses different indicators, Beeye offers custom fields that allow you to add as much meta-data to your project as you need. You will be able to reuse the data later on in your reports to analyse all your information based on criteria that are the most relevant for your business.




Does Beeye offer support?

The application comes with a live support module that will help you get answers quickly, as well as a support website that covers all the features of the application.

Can I import my data into Beeye?

If you try our Quick Start program, we will import all your data for you so you can benefit from all the power of Beeye from day one, without having to re-enter data you already have.

Can Beeye offer custom development?

If the implementation of Beeye in your business requires adapting to your in-house systems, customized modules can be developed at your demand.



Data policy

What is your policy for data storage?

By default, Beeye data is stored for a 5 year period. If you need to keep historical data for longer, that parameter can be adjusted in your contract.

Where does Beeye host my data?

All data on Beeye is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, known for its reliability. The servers are located in Quebec City, Canada.

Will my data be secure?

The platform hosting Beeye data is compliant with the strictest security standards (ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2).