Frequently Asked Questions

Is beeye for me if I do not work in an SME?

Beeye is useful for any manager who wants to have visibility into its operations and resources, whether in a small business or a larger enterprise.

Is Beeye available on all platforms?

Beeye is available on computer, tablet and smart phones, allowing you to access it at your convenience.

Is my data safe with beeye?

Beeye uses the latest technologies in IT security and the data is protected by SSL encryption.

Can Beeye help me claim tax credits?

Beeye helps you to maximize your return on tax credits by identifying eligible projects, resources and expenses.

Can I access Beeye at home?

Beeye is in the cloud, all you need is an Internet connection to use it.

Can I earn money by recommending beeye to my contacts?

Ask about our affiliate program, which rewards you when your contacts join beeye.