Stakeholder Analysis


The stakeholder analysis, also known as "Power-Interest matrix", is an effective process to ensure the success of your projects. It takes into account the power and interest of each person involved in a given project to identify the best strategies to satisfy everyone.


Project Portfolio Management

image-project-portfolioPrioritizing your projects using different strategic axes so that you’ll work on the best projects at the right moment is a key step of portfolio project management. There are many axes you can use such as the difficulty of the projects, their duration, or their implementation cost..

Risk Analysis Matrix


In project management, risk analysis is a proactive method to forecast negative events (risks) that could occur in a project in order to be better prepared or to reduce their likelihood. This page lets you create your own risk analysis matrix, a must-have tool to order them according to their likelihood and level of impact on the project. You’ll find more information about the best practices in risk management below the graph.


Time Management: Timesheet Template

image-free-timesheet-toolBy providing you with valuable information such as the type of activities your employees are working on, how much time they're spending on each of these activities and the monetary value tied to these activities, timesheets allow you to meet your project management objectives and act as a point of reference for future initiatives.