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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Quick Start

1. Not another endless ERP nightmare

Unlike usual ERPs that can take months (or years) to be set up correctly, Beeye can be implemented in your team within a month. If you already have an ERP you're happy about (congratulations on that!), Beeye can integrate with it to fetch the data you need and make it more easily accessible.

2. A customized environment that already includes your data

By importing your existing data, Beeye guarantees a seamless transition. The usual hurdles that prevent changes such as implementing a new software solution will disappear, and everything will be done effortlessly thanks to the included services that will help you adapt and optimize your business processes.

3. Unlimited access to all features of the application

Instead of giving our clients access to a limited version of our application, we want them to see it in its full glory, with all the freedom they want so they can define themselves what features they will need. You will receive extensive guidance so you know exactly how you can benefit from each feature that is relevant to your business.

4. Estimate your needs dynamically for more flexibility

During the Quick Start, you can onboard as many users as you want. A new team wants to try the product unexpectedly? No worries. They can join in at any time, with no constraints. Let them try Beeye and see what the situation is in a month, with no commitment. Thanks to our SaaS model, you will also keep that flexibility afterwards.

5. No long-term commitment for minimised risk

If after a month you're not pleased with the solution, you can freely go back to your previous set up, without wasting excessive ressources and efforts in a product that doesn't suit you. Forget million-dollar ERP implementations that take years and lock you up in bad decisions.

6. Close follow-up to increase implementation success rate

If the Quick Start offer is so successful, it is also because it comes with a close follow-up where our project and change management specialists help you at each crucial step. We have implemented Beeye successfully in a wide range of organizations and we will make sure you're part of our success stories.

Enjoy All Features & Benefits of Beeye, starting from $1 500

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User licences


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Complex data import



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Platform configuration       
Training and support      

Get the services you need to set up your environment

Application customization

We adapt our platform to match your organizational structure and processes: authorizations, organizational chart, jobs, skills, key performance indicators, custom fields, project templates... Everything will be set up to recreate the environment you know accurately

Data import

In order to avoid manual data entry, we can import your information (projects, planning, timesheets...) directly into Beeye so you can retrieve all historical data. 

You'll be ready to enjoy all the benefits of Beeye as soon as you start using it.

Training and usage

We'll analyze your organization, your processes and your tools to identify the implementation goals and the team that'll take care of the transition.

Once the super-users are identified, they will be trained to become your own internal solution experts.

Technical support

Technical support is included with all our licenses. All super-users can access our technical support staff through the messaging widget of the application.

Why Beeye?

  • Beeye provides a comprehensive, standardized, real-time view of the situation to check in on the progress of your projects.
  • Our timesheets ensure sound accountability for all hours worked (administration, operations and projects) to check if your employees spend their efforts on the right projects.
  • Beeye increases transparency and collaboration around effort management by providing flexible planning and custom project sheets to stimulate communication between your teams. 
  • We help managers and employees make better decisions based on data thanks to custom dashboards and reports that show only the data you need. 
  • Finally, Beeye increases organizational efficiency through better resource management by providing balance between your employees availability and their planned work hours.

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