They take advantage of Beeye to effectively manage their projects
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Managing your customers' projects with Excel is like cutting down a tree with a Swiss army knife


of medium-sized companies are using Excel to manage their planning and budgeting.


of Excel files used for better decision-making have either internal or external impacts on the company.


of Excel files are filled with lots of errors. And we're only talking about major mistakes!

Choose Beeye, the application to effectively plan your activities and manage your employees

Can we take on new projects?

With Beeye, you can estimate the future availability of your teams to ensure sufficient staffing for your new projets.
Our utilization graph shows you instantly whether some employees with the required skills are available to take care of your new initiatives.
You'll then be able to make better decisions about whether you should hire or better prioritize your projects to keep a balanced workload for your teams.
smart planning

What is the best price we can offer for this bid?

With Beeye, assess the profitability of your projects as soon as they're created by taking into account your employees' billable rate and planned work hours.


You can filter your employees according to their skills and workload to ensure you assign the best people to your project while getting maximum profitability.

Your profit isn't high enough? Try and see if you can increase your employees billable rate or decrease their planned work hours to reduce your HR costs.

Do we have all we need to run this project?

To help companies evolving in dynamic environments, planning on Beeye is both flexible and iterative to adjust to your business processes at all times.
You'll now be able to plan collaboratively and to take advantage of all the data to assign planned work hours by factoring in your employees' workload and your priorities.
Because your projects are always evolving, our planning feature provides you with great freedom of action to always meet your current needs.

Are my employees working on the right activities?

Thanks to Beeye's timesheets, your teams can quickly identify the projects they are supposed to work on.
They'll be able to easily enter their hours worked on different projects and deliverables to provide you with a reliable overview of the progress made on your activities.
By comparing hours worked with hours planned, you'll instantly get a global view of the work done by your team to take advantage of effective capacity management.

Can I increase my teams' billable hours?

Besides ensuring balanced workload for your teams, timesheets on Beeye give you a detailed overview of time spent on each type of activities.
Whether it's by project type or by customer, you'll instantly identify activities that take most of your employees' time.
You'll then be able to identify strategies to reduce time spent on non-value-added activities to assign it on other tasks that enhance your profitability.

How can I help my teams improve?

Promoting knowledge transfer in your company will help improve your employees' skills and, subsequently, the billable rate you charge your customers.
Every user in Beeye can enter their skills, expertise level, and interests for new skills.
Besides helping you get the right people on the right projects, you'll help your teams develop their current skills or even acquire new ones.

Are we working on the right things, the ones that will move the needle for the department? This tool will help us separate unnecessary things that can be removed from things that really make a difference for customer service, satisfaction, and costs.

Desjardins AccèsD testimonial

Louis Charest

Director of Operational Efficiency and Process Integration

How are our projects going?

Reports on Beeye show you in real-time all the data you need to evaluate progress made on your projects.
With our Gantt chart, instantly identify projects that perform well versus those in danger that'll require immediate action from your teams.
No more bad surprises, you'll now know in advance which projects you should be working on to keep your customers happy.
Health of your projects

How can we improve our profitability?

The budget feature on Beeye shows you a forecast of your benefits by considering your projected costs and revenue.
If you want, you can compare this information for every customer to quickly identify those who bring in the most profit.
This feature will help you identify strategies to maximize your profit margin by working on your costs for each of your projects.

Is everything going well with our customers?

Because they are unable to provide their customers with the information they need, some companies prefer to risk offending their business partners by remaining silent than to admit they're unable to give that information.
Reports on Beeye are fully customizable to let you track the data you need while creating custom key performance indicators for your customers.
You've been asked to provide a status report for a project? A quick and simple Excel or PDF export of your projects will provide your customers an instant status of their project.
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The only application you need to manage your activities

Project management

Get an instant overview of your current projects to effectively manage your activities.

Custom dashboards

Every user in Beeye gets its own dashboard to check its work or those of its team.


Collect your employees timesheets to quickly compare planned efforts and accomplished work.

Control your profitability

Consider all your costs and gains to maximize your projects profitability as soon as they are created.

Skills management

Make knowledge transfer easy for your teams by considering their skills, expertise level and insterests.

Improved invoices

Make better quotes based upon reliable data to work on more realistic and profitable mandates.

Human resources management

Manage your directions, teams and employees with a few clicks to break down corporate silos in your company.

Smart allocation

Assign the right people on the good projects by considering their availability, skills and billable rate.


Adapt the tool to your business processes and take profit of custom alerts to better track your activities.


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