Customer management
Visibility to improve customer relations
All client details and relationship history at your fingertips. All the information you need to deliver the service you are committed to and exceed expectations.
Personalize each customer relationship through your data

Gather all the information for tasks in a template to ensure the instructions are complete and to make them easily accessible for your entire team.


 No more time wasted explaining your clients' expectations to each employee and enhance your follow-up with each client.

Gain a better understanding of your customers on a daily basis

Never miss any deadlines and follow every task to ensure timely delivery and smooth execution.


When a client calls, you will  know instantly who is working on the project and where you stand. Managing customer relationships has never been easier or more rewarding.

Analyze each client's account with peace of mind

Take the time to anticipate important decisions and prepare for your next client meeting. Analyze the profitability of the account in one click, respect of deadlines and identify challenges to be addressed.


Zoom in on the issues at stake for a task, or take a step back and look at all of their projects. It's as easy as one click.

Customer management features
Customized customer fields
Customize your customer information fields with the data you need.
Customized customer creation form
Strengthen your processes by making it mandatory to enter key information when a new customer arrives.
Personalized reports
Format each report according to the data you want to view and keep it.
Grouped views
Group, sort and filter your customer data as you wish to exceed customer expectations and share these reports with your staff for better follow-ups.
Customer groups
Manage the follow-up of individuals and analyse your customers linked by ownership or financial structure (networks, subsidiaries).
Customer types
Customize your service offering according to the industry, size and revenues of your customers.
Track the history of exchanges and actions taken on each tasks to support a negotiation, keep teams informed, or simply facilitate a handover.
Kanban view
Visualize and optimize the work in progress within your team using a simple display and dynamic cards.
Bulk actions
Perform mass changes on a group of projects or clients by selecting several of them to avoid duplicate operations
Import / export data
Import and export large volumes of data easily and autonomously to update specific information and save precious time.
Multi-mandate clients
Track the long-term profitability of your clients by compiling data from multiple periods (years, months).
Discover the Beeye effect
95 % satisfaction
Increase your customers' satisfaction level by having a better visibility on your activity in order to meet your commitments
+10 projects processed / year
More projects handled per manager per year, with high added value
90 % of employees fulfilled
Increase the well-being of your employees by offering them an intuitive tool that promotes teamwork
3 hours saved / week
Weekly savings on schedule adjustments
-35 % in turnover
Reduction of turnover in your firm
Customer management for Beeye users
The best thing about Beeye is the opportunity to benefit from the experience of other companies. Our customers give you feedback to inspire you to be more efficient and to provide a better service to your customers.
The benefits are at all levels: partners, managers, employees, customers. Because we'll have real-time figures and dynamic management of schedules, everyone will benefit in terms not only of managing but also of the client budgets that we can propose, which will be much more adjusted.
Julien Tokarz
The advantage of a mobile application is that the employee gets up in the morning and looks at it and says, ‘Oh, I'm scheduled for such and such a customer today’.
Alexandre Desgranges
We were looking for a tool that could meet the daily needs of clients with a user-friendly interface, which would be simple for all employees and which would bring us into the modern world.
Sofia Béthencourt

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Team, customers, systems, and data all in one place. Whether you are working remotely or in the office, you are always connected to your team, because firms that use Beeye have employees who are always accessible, empowered and fully operational.