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Key features :
Customer management
Team management
Smart Templates
Task management
Collaborative planning
Time management
Profitability analysis

Ideal for...

Small teams looking to structure their business and to organize their day-to-day activities with a collaborative and intuitive platform.



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All Starter features, plus :

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Teams who need to increase their daily work efficiency and to be supported so as to get the most out of Beeye quickly.



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All Performance features, plus :
Customized setup
Dedicated project manager
Interface customization
24/7 online support
Dedicated servers
Custom URL
On-demand security settings

Ideal for...

Companies with 100+ employees that need a full service, customizable, first-class platform to deliver top performance.

All the plans include
A turnkey environment
Get started right away with a tool that is customized to your firm's needs.
Mobile application
Collaborate even on the go, with the Beeye app available on all mobile devices.
Powerful planning
Work templates, assignment of teams, task lists, work planner, and more.
Beeye Academy
Get up to speed on a feature and find the answers to all your questions whenever you want.
10 reasons why companies hesitate
Change is never easy and takes time. How can I make sure my entire team will use Beeye?
We agree: any change is a challenge. That is why our team is on hand to support you with an approach adapted to your needs: from a discovery by yourself, to a full implementation managed by Beeye through group workshops. Beeye offers face-to-face or remote training according to your expectations. We also offer turnkey tools to help you get started: an import tool to integrate your customer database, templates to optimize your processes and a library of guides, tutorials, and videos accessible by the whole team. Most practices are fully configured in team mode on Beeye within 30 days.
I like Outlook/Gmail. Why should I change my current configuration to manage my calendar elsewhere?
The integration of appointments on Beeye is one of the main reasons why our customers save time on a daily basis with their teams. More specifically, in addition to the standard assignment templates and the intelligent algorithm the centralization of data, the automation of the planning into concrete appointments in the agenda of each employee saves each user an average of 3.5 hours per week. Our iPhone and Android applications are a decisive plus in their daily lives, enabling them to see at a glance what they are doing on the road.
A one-year commitment plan: why doesn't Beeye offer monthly plans?
Our goal is first and foremost to ensure a successful experience on Beeye. To attain this goal it is important make sure that the tool is set up properly, that your team is trained and that your company is supported all the way through the change process. Like any change, this takes time. It is important not only to ensure that a tool is properly installed, but also that each employee is on board and that the organization can test the tool over a sufficiently long period to measure the benefits. This is why implementing Beeye for one month does not make sense if the experience is to prove successful and produce the promised results.
Is my data safe with Beeye?
Beeye is hosted entirely (100%) in the cloud, and we take a security-first approach to planning and executing product development, quality assurance, and operational support activities. All your information is encrypted in transit and stored on cloud servers, secure SOC 1-3 compliant data storage with Microsoft Azure and highly scalable databases. Login to Beeye is through your email provider's authentication (Office 365), and multi-factor authentication is inherited if enabled. Beeye complies with all major data protection laws and regulations, including the GDPR. We regularly pass internal security audits and have passed security audits of the Top 100 companies in all major ecosystems where Beeye is used. In summary, Beeye's security is best in class.
Does Beeye integrate with my other applications?
Beeye has been designed specifically to communicate with other tools because we believe that the interest of our customers lies in being a specialist in one area so as to ensure performance rather than covering an exhaustive scope of features that are poorly thought out and do not deliver the expected performance. Logically, therefore, our solution has been built on an API base to enable you to connect easily to any other solution if the latter so allows. To this end, we provide our customers with an API doc where all the technical elements are documented in full transparency. If the third-party application has not been provided for such integration, we have created an automated import and export system in Beeye to enable you to proceed with one click to this maneuver when you want.
What about privacy between Beeye users?
Beeye gives you incredible visibility into the activity of your accounting firm, but you retain control at all times over what is shared within your team. Beeye offers access control through a system of advanced rights to set up very easily which user does and sees what on a daily basis. You can for instance define for each user whether they can access only the projects they are assigned to, or those of their entire team or the entire organization. It all depends on how much visibility you want to give each user.
Can Beeye also send letters of engagement to my clients?
It all depends on how you manage your assignment letters. Beeye cannot be used to send letters, but it can connect to your CRM tool so that once an assignment is signed, it arrives directly in Beeye and can go to planning automatically, integrating into the flow of other assignments and your daily activity with the constraints and conditions of your outstandings.
How can I invoice my customers when I use Beeye?
This depends on how you invoice your customers today and how you want to invoice them in the future. Beeye does not provide a billing tool. Others do that very well and are perfectly connectable to Beeye via our API. Our goal is to provide you with an optimal experience and efficiency in every step of your daily life, so we prefer to make available an easy connection to a solution that specializes in this area rather than providing you with a less than fully satisfactory experience. We have chosen to be a specialist in this field rather than offer you a solution that can do everything but does not support you well in each of these steps. We recommend solutions such as Quickbook, Pennylane and Teogest, which we have already worked with on behalf of our clients.
Our current processes are working very well. Can we make sure we keep them in Beeye?
Beeye may or may not support what you do today. More importantly, Beeye will make you ask yourself: are our current workflows really the most efficient? We are convinced that Beeye can help you answer this question by providing a solid but fully customizable foundation. As such, our support team is available to provide you with best practice advice. The goal is to make you more productive without necessarily changing everything but by bringing you the best for your organizational model based on customized views, customized fields, fully configurable assignment templates and our tailor-made scenarios.
Can Beeye meet the needs of all firms regardless of their size and type? 
Beeye is a tool that reveals its power depending on how it is used. Beeye can be both structuring for a small team as well as a powerful analytical tool for a large structure. How? By starting from the principle that in small firms, everyone often does everything, but no one really takes care of the planning of the activity. This task comes on top of the daily routine and is often carried out after the working day by the partners themselves. Beeye thus enables a small firm to access a collaborative and structuring tool, bringing immediate efficiency in the organization of daily work. For larger groups, the challenge is often related to the visibility that is not homogenous within the teams and the resulting inability to project themselves with reliable and structuring data for the future of the company. Beeye thus offers the possibility to go further by anticipating profitability issues and recruitment needs. Finally, Beeye responds to the different types of jobs such as social, audit, accounting and legal thanks to the availability of mission models adapted to each job. We go even further, since our tool was originally designed for all service companies, we now also work with architectural firms, notary offices and engineering firms.