Task management
Visualize and organize all your team's tasks efficiently
Access a multitude of views that can be customized according to the activity and needs of the team to understand the challenges encountered on a daily basis, and adapt the schedule of your employees.
Monitor the progress of tasks on a daily basis.

Optimize everyone's workload for a more efficient and productive team, making sure no one is overbooked.


You can track at a glance the progress of tasks, identify bottlenecks, and prevent assignments from falling through the cracks.

Optimize your team's schedule efficiently

Analyze work in progress and focus on managing conflicts such as backlogs or ensure client satisfaction.


Beeye allows you to optimize tasks by focusing on strategic parameters and by taking into consideration the reality of your operations at any given moment.

Give your employees a clear vision

Beeye organizes tasks into a clear action plan for each employee via individual and customizable views.


Secondary information and "organizational noise" are filtered to reveal only the elements necessary for the proper follow-up of each assignment. This makes everything clearer for everyone.

Task management features
My personalized view
Organize your work and tasks, and view your schedule according to your criteria.
Performance indicators
Identify whether your schedule is optimal with the help of your key performance indicators.
Unassigned tasks
Identify unassigned tasks rapidly so as not to lose track and risk leaving them on the sidelines.
Unscheduled tasks
Don't leave it to chance. Make sure each task fits into the schedule and is delivered on time.
Late tasks
Rapidly identify tasks that are likely to be delivered late to re-prioritize
Track step-by-step the completion of tasks over a given period of time and the amount of work left to do.
Add comments to help track and understand tasks and view those left by your colleagues.
Quick reassignment
Drag a task from one day to another or from one colleague to another with your mouse.
Custom fields
Customize the fields to enter information on tasks with data that is relevant.
Kanban view
View and optimize all work in progress in your team.
Automatic scheduling
Define the type of tasks, skills required, the deadline, and let our algorithm take care of the rest.
Availability management
Integrate up-to-date data on the availability of each employee to optimize your planning.
Import/Export data
Import and export large volumes of data easily and autonomously to update specific information and save precious time.
Discover the Beeye effect
-35% of turnover
Gain perfect control over the allocation of tasks in your team and between employees to facilitate the daily life of each.
+10 projects processed / year
More projects handled per manager per year, with high added value
+20% of profitability
Increase the profitability per firm
95% satisfaction
Average satisfaction rate observed among customers of firms equipped with Beeye
3 h saved / week
Weekly savings on schedule adjustments
Task management among Beeye users
The best thing about Beeye is the opportunity to benefit from the experience of other companies. Our customers give you feedback to inspire you on how to be more efficient and how to provide better service to your customers.
We no longer need to ask people what they are working on as a project manager. Planning gives us the answer immediately.
Marie-Christine Dura-Cayron
PwC Entrepreneurs
It's easy to manage day-to-day tasks by taking a sheet and simply dragging it across.
Alexandre Desgranges
We tested Beeye during the tax season to test the tool to the maximum, as that is when the schedule is the most tense. We needed to see in real time what this test gave. The results came up to the mark.
Julien Tokarz

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Team, customers, systems, and data all in one place. Whether you are working remotely or in the office, you are always connected to your team, because firms that use Beeye have employees who are always accessible, empowered and fully operational.