Accounting Firm: Perform Your Very Own Time Management Audit

Accounting Firm: Perform Your Very Own Time Management Audit

Yasmina Kharma - Jun 21, 2018 11:19:57 AM

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Process automation is at the heart of the accounting profession and time management is becoming an issue that every firm needs to address. Maximising your time spent on your most important activities will allow you to have a better view of your business’ long-term strategy. 

In order to help you achieve your goals, we have created a short workshop that will allow you to become more aware of your firm’s time management.

Improve Time Management At My Firm

Objective of the workshop:

  • Clarify time management issues within your firm
  • Identify pressure points to improve
  • Automate your processes and optimise your ROI

Who is this Workshop for?

We have identified three profiles that will benefit from this time management analysis: 

  • Decision-makers, who want to increase their teams productivity and improve performance indicators
  • Managers, who want to exceed their expectations
  • Employees, who need to improve their time management skills

How to kick-off the workshop?

  • First of all, ensure all participants understand the purpose of the workshop and the benefits you’d be gaining from it.
  • Second of all, it’s important not to rush things and complete the form correctly to ensure positive results.
  • Lastly, this workshop shouldn’t be a one-off task, to improve your time management in the long-run you should consider making this a recurring activity.