Take a step back and gain control of the profitability of your business
With up-to-date data and a predictive algorithm, you can look into the future to anticipate difficulties and readjust your approach.
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Integrated data, for fewer surprises

Beeye offers you the possibility to visualize logged times and project budgets, but also to look ahead by taking into consideration the reality of your daily operations.


No more unpleasant surprises at the end of projects or uncontrolled slippages. Visualize the forecasts, define your business strategy and the priority given to each client.

Solutions for profitability and forecasts
With these solutions and their integration into the entire interface, Beeye enables your team and your customers to better control the scope of project, but also the energy to devote to them. Individualize the follow-up of your clients and manage your budgets with real visibility.
Discover the Beeye effect
+20% profitability
Free up time, optimize the use of your resources, and increase profitability of your projects to reach new heights.
+10 projects processed / year
More projects handled per manager per year, with high added value
-30% onboarding time
Time gained on the integration of new employees
3h saved / week
Weekly savings on schedule adjustments
-35 % employee turnover
Reduction of employee turnover in your firm
Controlled profitability to ensure sustainable development

Can an accounting firm continue to plan work as it did twenty years ago, after having diversified its service offering and increased its internal skills?

With 150 people and 18 million in sales, Denjean & Associés is a reference in the accounting profession. The firm has been using Beeye for its internal management for two years, with tangible benefits.

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Team, customers, systems, and data all in one place. Whether you are working remotely or in the office, you are always connected to your team, because firms that use Beeye have employees who are always accessible, empowered and fully operational.