Time management
Your single source of truth
Beeye is the cornerstone of your firm. Data is no longer scattered and is systematically updated as it represents the reality of your operations.
Zoom in and out on your operations

Beeye gathers all projects, tasks, time spent, budgets, you now have everything you need, when you need it.


Visualize your activity and see how projects are progressing, or focus your attention on what's most important, with one click.

Stop running after timesheets

With the daily interaction from every employee, no more time entry and the mad dash to get reliable data.


Do you have doubts about an overrun? Validate with the person concerned before approving. Controlling the time spent on each task means, finally being able to invoice outstanding work.

Control your budgets and profitability

With exact time spent, it is easy to check the state of your clients' budgets at any time and obtain the real-time profitability of each assignment.


Anticipate and adapt rather than simply react. Analyzing the present allows you to learn from your experience and make it next year even more profitable.

Time management features
Automatic time entry
Benefit from automated time tracking thanks to the daily input from your employees on tasks.
Availability management
Enable each employee to update their availabilities for planning that is as close as possible to reality.
Obtain immediately the conversion of time spent into budget spent to date.
Organize systematic reminders for your employees if ever they forget to log their time.
Time bank
Assess hours accumulated during busy periods to allow your employees to use them later.
Add a comment to help keep track of and understand a task and consult those left by your colleagues.
Validation system
Filter on projects over/under budget to focus on the essential.
Mobile application
Enter your time from anywhere and do much more with the Beeye mobile application.
Import/Export data
Import and export large volumes of data easily and autonomously to update specific information and save time.
Discover the Beeye effect
3 h saved per week
Boost your productivity and free time by capitalizing on the Beeye scheduling management
+10 processed projects / year
More projects handled per manager per year, with high added value
+20% profitability
Increase the profitability per accounts
95% satisfaction
Average satisfaction rate observed among customers of firms equipped with Beeye
-35% employee turnover
Reduction of turnover in your firm
Task management among Beeye users
The best thing about Beeye is the opportunity to benefit from the experience of other companies. Our customers give you feedback to inspire you on how to be more efficient and how to provide better service to your customers.
We used to use Excel, and we had trouble keeping track, were accidentally deleting lines, there was no visibility for managers, and the time entry was very little used by the business. Beeye helped us to set up our target organization, to synchronize our planning management tool with our invoicing tool.
Sofia Béthencourt
The ease of use of the web interface was for us a key element for the daily management. All the data are just a click away, which is a real plus.
Alexandre Desgranges
We had real time figures and schedule flexibility: A dynamic management of schedules that took into account all the variables of our daily life.
Julien Tokarz

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Team, customers, systems, and data all in one place. Whether you are working remotely or in the office, you are always connected to your team, because firms that use Beeye have employees who are always accessible, empowered and fully operational.