Increase your visibility and understand your firm's day-to-day operations
Beeye brings together all your tasks, notes, budgets, documents, and business data in one place.
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A 360° view to manage everything

Gain peace of mind by knowing where each task is, which staff member is handling it, and the day-to-day highlights.


Take a step back and look at the big picture, see how things are going on a daily basis at a glance and focus on the critical issues.

Solutions for visibility and control
Beeye dramatically improves visibility and control in your business, no matter where people are located.
Discover the Beeye effect
95 % satisfaction
Increase your customers' satisfaction level by having a better visibility on your activity in order to meet your commitments
+10 projects processed / year
More projects handled per manager per year, with high added value
-30% time onboarding
Reduction in the time taken to onboard a new employee
3 hours saved / week
Weekly savings on schedule adjustments
-35 % in employee turnover
Reduction of employee turnover in your firm
Tax season? The best time to better organize a multidisciplinary practice
How to regain sustainable production capacity? When is the best time to implement a new capacity optimization tool? Julien Tokarz, Founding Partner at Emargence, answers these questions with complete transparency. For him, the best time is during the tax season. Why is this so? How is it possible?

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Team, customers, systems, and data all in one place. Whether you are working remotely or in the office, you are always connected to your team, because firms that use Beeye have employees who are always accessible, empowered and fully operational.