Smart templates
Standardization for efficiency
Manage and accelerate the launch of your projects by taking advantage of intelligent templates that are recognized by experts, and optimize your productivity.
Ensure successful project launch

The task templates will give you reassurance in the organization of your work thanks to their formats developed in close cooperation with the Order of Chartered Accountants.


They will not only be an obvious productivity booster, but will also ensure a successful and comprehensive project launch.

Build team loyalty and facilitate the integration of new hires

With intelligent templates, you can ensure that each project is handled the same way and benefit from a consistent knowledge transfer.


What could be better than standardized processes to bring new employees on board and provide solid reference points to reassure your teams?

Turn your daily routine into a real organizational strategy

Learn from your daily routine to optimize your smart templates and gain efficiency when assigning tasks to employee.


You can also identify areas where you can optimize your firm's profitability by adjusting the time allocated to a task or by assigning it to less experienced profiles.

Smart templates features
Template Library
Access a set of templates validated by your profession's institutions to help you save time and increase efficiency.
Budget management
Ensure the right distribution of tasks within your team to match the budget and workload.
Customizable scenarios
The assignment is adapted to each client. Because each client is unique, use the scenario to adapt the assignment to their profile.
Automatic scheduling
Define the type of task, skills required and the deadline, and the algorithm will do the rest.
Automatic assigning
Assign a task to an employee in one click. The algorithm will optimize the schedule.
Skills management
Identify the skills within your firm to guide the assignment of tasks efficiently.
Make sure you don't forget anything by listing the things to do: the accountant's shopping list.
Deadline management
Prioritize your tasks by deadline to ensure they are performed on time.
Recurring tasks
Schedule recurring tasks to avoid systematically repeating useless administrative actions and benefit from greater clarity.
Predictive task assessment
Assess each hour of work to ensure perfect control of your profitability.
Discover the Beeye effect
10 additional projects
Increase the bandwidth of your managers tenfold throughout the year by enabling them to focus on high value-added tasks
+20% of profitability
Increase the profitability per firm with Beeye
90% are fulfilled
Feedback from staff who use Beeye at work
3 h saved / week
Weekly savings on schedule adjustments
-35 % employee turnover
Reduction of employee turnover in your firm
Smart templates among Beeye users
The best thing about Beeye is the opportunity to benefit from the experience of other companies. Our customers give you feedback to inspire you on how to be more efficient and how to provide better service to your customers.
For a firm of 350 people, scheduling and time recording was a real issue. Beeye has helped us to be much more efficient. Having the same assignment frame of reference enables employees to enter their time on assignments that will be invoiced so as to be able to accurately monitor the billing.
Sofia Béthencourt
We have real time figures and more flexibility in the scheduling, and dynamic management of both individual and collective schedules, for a better distribution of tasks. It moreover helps to simplify recurring administrative tasks.
Julien Tokarz
Beeye provides integrated AI to make intelligent proposals and better manage schedules. This saves time on a daily basis and is a guarantee of security.
Alexandre Desgranges

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