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Build its missions, manage obligations and tasks, do not lose sight of its deadlines (FR)
Automated internal management

Maximize your business outcomes, not just your projects’

With Beeye’s smart collaborative platform, businesses can now harness their full potential and deliver stunning results by automating processes and taking data-driven decisions to scope, plan, staff, deliver and optimize ongoing and upcoming projects.

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Remote Work

Digitize your workplace

Wave goodbye to your spreadsheets and worksheets and say hello to a complete digital solution that will allow you to better communicate and collaborate with your teams no matter where they are in the world.

Project Management

Scope and sell your projects more efficiently

Use pre-built templates to confidently scope work, automate processes, and determine resource and time needed to provide an accurate pricing and delivery timeline to your clients.
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Select the right people for the mission budget



Prevent slippage through continuous monitoring of budgets and schedules



Evaluate the profitability of the missions and the performance of the employees

Resource Management

Improve employee experience and productivity

Empower employees with a smart collaborative platform that gives them a single unified view of all their projects, tasks, and timeline and improves productivity by automating time-consuming tasks. Optimally allocate resources based on skills, competencies, availabilities and current workload to ensure work-life balance.
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Project Financials and Delivery

Deliver effortlessly and boost profits

Get real-time visibility into each project to ensure smooth and effortless delivery. Get notified in advance if any project is going above budget or deadline to prevent any leakages.
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Analytics and Business Intelligence

Monitor and optimize processes for better results

With powerful business insights at your fingertips, you can now take data-driven decisions to improve inefficient processes, identify bottlenecks, and optimize future planning.
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