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Are we working on the right things, the ones that will move the needle for the department? This tool will help us separate unnecessary things that can be removed from things that really make a difference for customer service, satisfaction, and costs.

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Louis Charest

Director of Operational Efficiency and Process Integration

Take care of your employees with optimal workload

Are our employees burning themselves out?

If your employees are overworked, it can completely tank their productivity. They’ll be sick more often, make more errors, be more unhappy. It also means you’re more likely to lose your best employees.
See how you can use capacity management to deal with burnout & retain all your talent
Manage Employee Workload
Make the best bids to get maximal benefits

Are we going to miss this bid because we’re too greedy… or win it but make a loss?

If you’re bidding on projects before you know if they’re going to be profitable, you’re going to be committing resources to useless projects and missing the best opportunities. Worse, you could be working at a loss.
See how you can ensure your projects will be profitable.
Make better bids
You'll know how well your projects are going

Why is it so hard to know how well all my projects are doing?

If you don’t know how well your projects are doing, how can you manage your project portfolio? You must pay closer attention to projects that are going badly if you want to avoid major problems. If you can’t spot the warning signs, you can’t allocate your efforts correctly.
See how you can get you a complete vista on all your activities and help you allocate your efforts smartly
Get More Visibility
The on application that handles all of your management activities

Why do I have to re-do the same thing in 5 different applications?

Data entry and re-entry and re-re-entry can get a little boring. If you’ve had to endure badly integrated systems before, you know the drill.
See how Beeye nicely combines the features you need to perform the most basic & important tasks
Put an End to Data Re-entry
Keep your customers happy with Beeye

How can we stop being stressed out when clients ask for information about the ongoing projects?

Even been tongue-tied when clients ask for information about projects you don’t even remember? How did your ex-client feel about it? Solid business relationships mean you need to have all the information your client requests any time.
See how you can provide more accountability to your clients & keep them happier.
Give Clients More Transparency
Spend your time on activities that really matters

Why are we spending so much time on this?

Sometimes it feels like you’re spending an inordinate amount of time on activities that don’t help you one bit. Why waste your and your employees talent on tasks that don’t help your business grow?
If you can’t track precisely how much time you’re spending on all your activities, whether project-related or administrative, and how much each is costing you, you’ll never be able to reach your full potential.
Get Better Accountability on Activities
Be sure to hire the people you need when you need them

Do we need to hire someone for this project?

If you get started on a project without the right team, your chances of success are slim.
See how data can help you can make more timely hiring decisions & succeed in your projects.
Manage Your Resources Smartly
Get the best data to keep you activites on track

Wasn’t I supposed to get this report “ASAP”? It’s been weeks.

Current data is vital to make the right decisions. If your reports are taking ages to get into your hands, you’re more likely to make decisions based on gut feeling… and get them wrong. Today, you don’t have to wait for even a second before you can get all the reports you need.
See how Beeye dashboards & reports help you stay on top of your activities.
Create Reports Faster


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Guarantee your teams' success

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