Collaborative planning

Get instant information about your coworkers availability and your deadlines to complete all you tasks all in good time.

Beeye - Planning collaboratif

Conflicts management

Track work overload, anticipate planning conflicts and manage urgencies everyday.

Beeye - Gestion des conflits

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Manage your teams

  • Intuitive, collaborative and playful interface
  • Real-time tracking of everyone's availability
  • Assignation on projects and tasks
  • Management of planning conflicts
  • Management of teams workplaces
  • Temporary and confirmed planning

Gain time

  • Custom interface with exhaustive range of filters
  • Automatique renewal of projects from one year to the other
  • Bulk actions on employees, projects and tasks
  • Recommendaton of project team based on data analysis
  • Quick projet creation with custom templates
  • Recurring project planning

Be more performant

  • Clear vision on everyday tasks
  • Long-term visibility on your activities
  • Analysis on profile you need to hire
  • Project creation based on customers form
  • Planning with fictive accounts
  • Project budgeting

A familiar environment


Whatever you company's structure and usage preferences, Beeye will adapt and provide you relevant advises.

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Track your projects

Dashboards and reports

Track your employees well-being and your projects performance with detailed reports showing custom KPIs.

Beeye - Tableaux de bord

Gap analysis

Ensure real-time visibility on the different gaps between budgeted, planned and worked time.

Beeye - Analyse des écarts

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Get more efficient

  • Create custom dashboards and reports
  • Quick export of satute and activity reports
  • Automatic timesheet filling based on planning
  • Personal report saved views

Make your projects profitable

  • Real-time comparison of budgeted, planned and worked time
  • Profitability analysis by project, team and employee
  • Team and skills management
  • Custom project sheet

A safe environment


In addition of being secured, your data can be saved to let you retrieve your workspace in case of problems.

Additional security meaures can be provided as well, such as a dedicated servor.

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Share your informations

Custom alerts and notifications

Set up your owns alerts to stay focused on your most important tasks.

Beeye - Alertes personnalisées

Collaboration & and modification history

Communicate clearly and effectively with your teams and customers by exporting or transfering reports and dashboards.

Beeye - Historique des changements

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Stay focused

  • Programmable notifications and reminders
  • Real-time alerts on your budgets overspending
  • Quick identification of your workload issues

Stay informed

  • Possibility of adding comments to your timesheets
  • PDF or Excel export of your data
  • Shared reports or dashboards with your customers

A team that listens


Notre Quickstart permet le déploiement de l’outil en seulement 1 mois grâce à une approche étape par étape centrée sur vos besoins.

Ensuite, une équipe dédiée et un assistant virtuel sauront vous guider et répondre à chacune de vos questions.

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