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How to deal with interruptions at work

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5 Myths About Management Tools

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7 Best Practices to Manage Your Human Ressources

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14 Mistakes That Ruin Performance Management Every Time

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10 Types of Innovation

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How to Implement a Timesheet System in 5 Steps

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7 Good Reasons Why You Should Use A Timesheet

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How to sell to larger companies

We gained great insights about our client pitch from a C2-Montréal workshop about selling to large companies, and we're sharing them. Become a B2B master! Read more

5 reasons to implement a team & project management software

Project management software are both effective and efficient tools that help you better manage your teams. We list 5 reasons to implement on of these tools. Read more

Organizational Structures

Each organizational structure implies specific business processes. What are the functional, the matrix, and the project structure? Read more